Is what we dream real?

I was thinking about the nature of the internet. I’ve talked about it before and I imagine with a little bit of internal searching I could link to it in this intro. Maybe I will in post, we’ll see. But for now I want to ask and examine the question of whether what we dream is literally real. This might …

Michael Walker (Rico Penguin)Is what we dream real?

Do Spoilers Spoil Books or Movies?

Today I was compared to a young-earth creationist because I dared to disbelieve that spoiling entertainment has no detrimental (or indeed it has a positive) impact on my enjoyment. The level of patronizing in the criticism was such that I read the report that he cited to patronize me. That, I suspect, is where our experiences with the subject matter …

Michael Walker (Rico Penguin)Do Spoilers Spoil Books or Movies?

Humans aren’t getting smarter.

This title of this one might be a little misleading but I’ll try to explain what I mean. Specifically when I say humans I’m talking about humans that have existed during written human history. Something like from today back five thousand years. That seems like a fair number right? That puts us between 3000 BC and 2000AD roughly and within …

Michael Walker (Rico Penguin)Humans aren’t getting smarter.

Cats and Entropy

Today one of our kittens was climbing on the fridge and misjudged the distance she had to place her feet. A moment later I saw her hanging from the fridge door and I saved her with great haste. She was somewhat startled but otherwise ok. Our cats are strange little creatures, I love them both and every little annoyance they …

Michael Walker (Rico Penguin)Cats and Entropy

Night Terrors, Depression, and the Brain.

I haven’t updated in a bit but not for a lack of thoughts. Life has just been busy. First thing is that I fell down the stairs earlier this week and that really put a damper in my energy both mentally and physically. I was thinking about it after it happened and I wondered when I’d be “100%” but then …

Michael Walker (Rico Penguin)Night Terrors, Depression, and the Brain.

The Grand Theft Auto Philosophy

  Taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to talk about something a little bit different today. I suppose I should figure out first what is on my mind and what I want to discuss. Grand Theft Auto V is quite nice. I’ve been enjoying the game and frankly I think it would make a wonderful platform for a …

Michael Walker (Rico Penguin)The Grand Theft Auto Philosophy

OTTO ~ Dumb Question [They do exist]

  I believe I’ve covered this before but I feel like making it official, there are stupid questions, this is a thing. I know teachers will say that there are no stupid questions but there indeed are, this has been covered by plenty of philosophers and major public figures over human history. I’m going to go over a few of …

Michael Walker (Rico Penguin)OTTO ~ Dumb Question [They do exist]

OTTO ~ Politics and the Role of Government!

Man, I bet when you saw the title of this you were so amped. It is often said that there are two subjects that are utterly off limits, religion and politics. The people who say this are stupid and should be shocked with a car battery. Now if you are going to enter politics or are even thinking about entering …

Michael Walker (Rico Penguin)OTTO ~ Politics and the Role of Government!

OOTO: Water and Miracle Ice

  I’ve been reading again which has sparked my brain. In particular I would like to talk about water, water is easily my favorite drink. I’m not sure how many people would say that, but if you gave me the option of my favorite soda or juice and water I would choose water every time.   When I was little …

Michael Walker (Rico Penguin)OOTO: Water and Miracle Ice